Update! Feb 24 2013

Hey guys, Jack here.

Just thought I’d check in, let you all know what’s going down in the near future.

Basically, I’ve been updating the site, getting it back up to date and stuff. I added all our Twitter links, a like button for our NEW Facebook page. (Not the old one which got deleted.) I’d like to see more of our YouTube subscribers start using the site, because I think we can make it an amazing tool, and use it to make the experience on the channel that much better.

So yeah, basically, use the site! As I mentioned I’ve updated it, and I plan on maintaining it, and posting on it at least once a week!

Now, about the YouTube page.

I’ve got a lot of exciting stuff planned out for the coming weeks, and I want to make sure you all know exactly what’s going on. For the energy drink reviews, unfortunately we’re going to be slowing them down a bit, but not stopping them like we did in August. I’m guessing new energy drink reviews will happen around once a week or once every two weeks, or something.

As you may have noticed in the right side of the page, we are counting down to the release of the Rockstar SuperSours energy drinks. In case you’re not following Rockstar, or something, Rockstar is releasing two awesome sounding flavors (SuperSours Bubbleberry & SuperSours Green Apple) tomorrow (or possibly Tuesday) but hopefully tomorrow. And, we’re going to be reviewing them ASAP.

So this is just some of the stuff that’s going down. Please, enjoy the site, enjoy the YouTube, enjoy everything. Thank you for all your support and love!



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