Memories With Friends #6 – New Video on CooCooAwesome!

Hey guys! It’s been about a month since I’ve updated the site, so here we are!

It’s been nearly six months since Memories With Friends #5, and Morris had been bugging me to get started on a new one. So the new year came around and I figured what the hell, and I took a stab at it, and what do you know, there’s a ton of hilariously awesome content that I’ve compiled since last September!

This was an important one for me, too; It had been a LONG time since the last one, and I didn’t want to come out with another mediocre, under-edited compilation (like #5) or a ridiculously short one (like #3). Instead, I wanted something along the lines of #4 (which I was and still am quite happy with) so I took my time on this.

So here it is, the sixth Memories With Friends installment. Laughs, long days and great times with great people, that’s what it’s all about. MWF#6. Cheers!



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