Review! RAGE High-Potency Energy

Longtime followers of my YouTube channel should remember when Morris and I did energy drink reviews. They should also remember how much we enjoyed all the Rage flavors we tried. Now I’m looking to start doing written reviews, so I figure I might as well start with one of my favorite energy drinks. Rage. This time I’m reviewing their original product, “Rage High-Potency Energy.”


Out of all the Rage products, taste-wise my favorite is Asylum (in the orange can) but they all taste very good and High-Potency is no exception. I’d describe the taste as a mix of candy-sweetness flavor (found in drinks such as Rockstar) and a citrus-like flavor (found in drinks such as Amp). The citrus flavor balances the sweetness very well, making High-Potency a very refreshing drink.


After finishing the drink, I felt energetic and very awake and alert. It was hours before the boost started to fade away.

RATING 10 / 10


One thought on “Review! RAGE High-Potency Energy

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