OREO Birthday Cake: Who Can Eat Them The Fastest? w/ Solivio & Andy!

Well, it’s that time again. I’m back again. Before I digress my way to pointless things which I’ll never post about again OR discuss this ridiculous photo, I want to explain why I’m NEVER updating my site anymore. Unfortunately, all I can use is the good ol’ cliche. NO TIME! As I like to say, it adds up. Between coming up with stuff, filming that stuff, downloading this stuff to my computer, editing this stuff, rendering this stuff, converting this stuff AND uploading this stuff (not to mention finding ways for this stuff to get views) I’m not left with much time to log on to a constantly changing blog platform to share content with you. Don’t get me wrong, I love you all. It’s just timely. If you want to see me constantly update my shit, to be quite honest, PLEASE just see my YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/coocooawesome/ as this is where I can sort of keep things updated. It’s more convenient for me anyway. Oh yeah, and don’t try to contact me on my Facebook pages. I never use them so you might get lucky enough to have me see your post, but I wouldn’t count on it. So the question is: How do you contact CooCooAwesome? Good question. Well, I’ve tried the old “Oh, I’m too popular for YouTube messaging.” But hey, guess what. If you’re so “popular” then you’ll surely be dying for something substantially convenient. What’s more convenient than being able to contact your followers WHILE uploading content for them? Nothing much more than YouTube’s messaging system. I digress, so yep, if you wanna contact me, I can almost guarantee a reply from myself if you PM-inbox me via YouTube. Everything else (Facebook, Twitter, Website) is just so I can reach out to followers, giving them something more personalized than the increasingly boring YouTube gimmick. That being said, I don’t use ’em much.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk funny (At least I think so.) for a while. Last Wednesday, Solivio, Andy and myself ditched school early to “prepare for the graduation ceremony.” What’d we really do? Well, we ran to the mall and bought the Birthday Cake-flavored Oreo cookies. It’s their way of celebrating 100 years of sweet-tasty goodness. Kudos to them. We just wanted to have some fun, though. So we bought ’em at Zeller’s. Then we ran back to my house. We tore it up the REAL Playstation, (Playing Atv Offroad Fury 2, the best game of course) but most importantly, we had a contest. The rules went like this; we divided the Oreos three ways, and whoever ate their pile fastest, got the other two competitors’ Oreos to eat. Ironically enough, we made ourselves nearly sick, yet that very night we had to “whoop it up” at the grad ceremony as well as stuff our faces at the Mandarin buffet. Can’t wait for summer! Done with elementary, bitches!

CooCooAwesome out, peace guys.

Oh, before I forget, I’ll embed the video. (Another timely-fashioned chore)


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